General terms and conditions

General terms and Conditions

The travel contract is closed between ASS and the client upon receipt of the written confirmation.
The travel price is due for payment upon receipt of the written confirmation.
For bookings from outside Germany an additional international banking fee might be charged.
The travel price has to be paid until 20 days before the contracted start of the trip.
Non-payments will result in the cancellation  of the booking.
The travel contract comprehends all services mentioned in the written description of the program or the individual agreement booked and confirmed.
Alterations and deviations of the performance of single elements of the booking which might become necessary shortly before or during the trip, will have to be accepted by the client, as long as they are minor, made by ASS in good faith and not substantially affecting the  overall journey. ASS is obliged to inform the client immediately. Alterations might be unavoidable with performances by third parties such as theatres, concerts or similar events.
Alterations and changes in the programs duration or content required by the client after the conclusion of the travel contract will be arranged if possible. Additional costs will be covered by the client.
The client has the right to cancel the booking without charge at any time until 20 days prior to the beginning of the contracted trip.

ASS has the right to cancel its trips

  • 20 days before the start of the trip if the published minimum number of participants has not been reached
  • 4 weeks before the start of the trip if the performance of the contract becomes impossible due to cancellations of major elements of the journey and if their is no acceptable possibility of a comparable replacement. ASS is not liable for impeded performance of third parties , but will try to secure a refund.

If the trip is considerably impeded, endangered or limited due to force majeure, unforeseen by the time of the conclusion of the contract, both ASS and the client have the right to cancel. ASS might demand  a proportionate  compensation for costs already sustained.
ASS accepts contractual liability limited up to 3 times the travel price if

  • the damage is not due to deliberate and gross negligence and if
  • the damage has been caused by ASS or its contractors.

Any claim for non-fulfillment of the contractual services will have to be announced in writing within a month after the end of the trip.
ASS contracts are governed by German law. The client can sue ASS at its place of business in Altenburg,Thüringen. The English version of the ASS General Terms and Conditions is a provisional version.