Searching for something different to see for your holidays? Discover the beautiful region of Altenburg! For a one day trip or an extended tour, spend your vacation in Altenburg! Goethe, Schiller, Spalatin and so many others have lived here through out the course of history. It is the capital city of playing cards. Altenburg opens the doors of Eastern Germany to you. Enjoy a German beer in the Altenburger Brewery, relish nature with the scenic walking and biking trails, view the renaissance art gallery, museums, and more! Make sure to discover the castle and the theater, gems of the German City's culture. 

Kohrener Land

The Kohrener Land is a very interesting destination in Saxony and offers a lot of different activities concerning countryside, architecture, history, craftworks and culture as well as a great variety of leisure activities for young and old.


Leipziger Neuseenland

Here you will find great and small festivals, exhibitions, markets, concerts and possibilities to organize your quality time with your family.

Find special leisure offers for active family trips or wellness and swimming activities or simply enujoy the beautiful nature.


Thüringer Vogtland

Surrounding the Altenburger Land and cities of Zeulenroda, Bad Köstritz and Greiz, the Thüringer Vogtland offers a lot of diversified landscapes. There you can find a couple of castles, abbeys and churches with a long history which are embedded in a lovely culture landscape.

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Zwickauer Land

The city Zwickau and the surrouding area offers a lot of different cultural experiences and is most famous for the historic old town and numerous fondly restored art nouveau buildings.

Near the Robert-Schumann-Museum you will find a big complex “Priesterhäuser am Domhof”. In those ancient houses priests used to live and the buildings are some of the oldest buildings in Germany.

Administrative district of Zwickau

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