We listed ways of transportation below for your stay in Altenburg:

By Bicycle

If you wish to explore the beautiful countryside of Altenburg then don´t hesitate to rent your bike with Fahrradwelt Altenburg Ltd. & Co. KG.

Contact information:

Fahrradwelt Altenburg Ltd. & Co. KG.

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18
04600 Altenburg
Phone / Fax:           03447 - 896715

By Car: Europcar Car Rental

With Europcar you won´t have to walk. You will find the Europcar office in Altenburg near the train and bus station.


Contact Information:

Europcar Altenburg

Fabrikstraße 28

04600 Altenburg
Phone: 03447-  502102

Fax:      03447 – 579191

By Plane

There is another easy and mostly cheap way to get to Altenburg is by air. You can book a ticket to the near by airport in Leipzig. It is only an hour car ride from the airport to Altenburg or about 30 minutes by train. 

By Train

Of course you can always choose to travel by train as well. The beautiful train station of Altenburg is located centrally with good access to travel further by bus. You will also find a taxi station right in front of the train station building.


Please use the following link for further information.



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