The Altenburg Tourist Information offers help for disabled people with special guided group tours for museums and trained guides for city tours.

Altenburg county and most of the farms are also happy to welcome disabled guests to experience the surrounding nature and culture. Wheelchairs and other appliances may be rented on request via the Altenburg Tourist Information.

The cobblestone streets and the castle of Altenburg are not very suitible for wheelchairs, but you may easily tour the various churches of the town.


Lindenau museum

 The Lindenau museum offers a special guided tour for the blind and visually impaired people who can experience most of the exponats via touching.


Nature and science museum Mauritianum

The Mauritianum is easy accessable for wheelchairs and is equipped with an elevator. They also offer special guided tours for blind and visually impaired people where most of the exponets can be experienced through touch.


Castle of Altenburg

On request it is possible to book special guided tours for those with mental diabilities.



The theatre offers a great variety of concerts and special plays for blind and visually impaired people. It is also possible to see puppet plays and to book special guided tours on request.

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