No matter the length of your stay, be it a few hours to a whole weekend, you can choose from a variety of travel packages and programs to discover the exciting, thousand year old city of Altenburg and its quaint idyllic countryside.

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Skat fountain - talismanic baptism of the playing cards

If you would like to baptise your playing cards the traditional way we invite you to take part in this little ceremony.

At the fountain you may caress the nose of the pig – which is a lucky charm. Then your guide will baptise your card...

The Playing Card Package

Playing cards have been produced in Altenburg since 1509 and the famous game of Skat was invented here between 1810 and 1818.

Since 1886 there are congresses of Skat and for the past 83 years the official international court of Skat...

Walking Tour through the Historic Old Town

Learn about over 1000 years of Altenburg history.

This guided tour is a great experience for groups who would like to explore the diversity of our beautiful town. You will be lead through the old alleys near the “Roten Spitzen”, see...

Wettiner Historic Hotel

On the inner side of the Wettiner Hof you can experience a very unique stay. Enjoy lively catering while you may dine like ancient knights and enjoy some traditional medieval activities.

The hotel is situated in a quiet area and offers...

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A Culinary City Tour


Charming City of Cards


Lindenau Museum


Charming City of Cards

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