Bicycle Path from the Sprottetal to the Wieratal

Beautiful farm houses grouped around a courtyard, wide fields and a beautiful landscape takes a bicycalist back in time as they travel through the old countryside. The route visits historical manors in Priefel and Ehrenberg, the oldest half-timbered house in Gieba, Göpfersdorf has a museum yard, the pottery town Waldenburg, and the 1000 year old city of playing cards Altenburg.

Length:                                63km

Quality of the paths:              mostly along paved and lighted streets. There are numerous resting spots along the way.

                                           A few parts of the route do travel through areas of unsurfaced forest and field pathways.

Difficulty:                             medium


Paditz - Priefel - Hauersdorf - Garbus - Nirkendorf - Niederarnsdorf - Ziegelheim - Engertsdorf - Garbisdorf - Göpfersdorf - Heiersdorf - Niederwiera - Harthau - Zumroda - Pfarrsdorf - Naudorf - Gößnitz - Bornshain - Kleinmückern - Zschernitzsch - Saara - Mockern - Paditz

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Ziegelheim: Gasthof Ziegelheim

Göpfersdorf: Dorfstube

Waldenburg: Ratskeller, Zum alten Gewerbehaus, Grünfelder Schloss

Gößnitz: Gasthaus Rätzer

Großstöbnitz: Pizzeria Lido, Papiermühle, Gasthof Großstöbnitz

Mockern: Landgasthof Mockern

Altenburg: Kollers Kurgarten


-            Gut Priefel

-         Castle Ehrenberg

-         viaducts in Nirkendorf and Niederarnsdorf

-         ancient church of pilgrimage and parsonage in Ziegelheim

-         Quellenhof, Garbisdorf

-         horse stable and ceramic studio Gentsch, Göpfersdorf

-         cabinet where you combine organic products, Castle and Grünfelder park as well as numerous potteries in Waldenburg

-         open air swimming pools in Altenburg, Gößnitz and Waldenburg


The potter town Waldenburg in the flood plain of the little river Mulde is already situated in Saxony. Across the castle is an organic cabinet which is worth a visit. The famous Grünfelder Park with its castle is a wonderful English style landscape garden. Numerous little potteries are glad to welcome you as well.

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A tour through Altenburg on the Skat Trail

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